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  Short update - website maintenance posted by NJP=VO= on 2014-04-14 04:03:38 EDT
Welcome to the =VO= Site posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-30 20:00:27 EDT
Hurry up and wait smile.gif posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-25 11:34:29 EDT
Work... always in the way! posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-16 01:04:49 EDT
Working overtime posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-10 00:19:01 EDT
=VO= Site making strides! posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-08 21:41:06 EDT
General: Short update - website maintenance
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2014-04-14 04:03:38 EDT

Hi Guys,
Just did some spring cleaning, finally fixed the issue with the spam links on the download section - they won't be back smile.gif

I'm hoping to get the updated installer available here in the next couple of weeks - new PC means new software installs and it's not playing nice. So, i might need to get the old PC out for 1 last VO custom mod compile before its sent off to the big recycling pile.

Thanks for all of your continued support! We've had a couple of hundred downloads lately, that number should be much higher but to fix the spam attach I lost the download counter as well... ah well, lesson learned.

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General: Welcome to the =VO= Site
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-30 20:00:27 EDT
Hi and welcome to The Virtual Ops =VO= website and forums.

=VO= Has been a part of the Ghost Recon community since the game was released back in November 2001. =VO= As a squad topped the highly respected TCZ GR Rumble ladder up ending some of the most dominate teams around. =VO= defended their title and never lost a match after taking the #1 spot, after what seemed like a million title defenses the squad decided to retire and disband while we were on top.

=VO= went on to make the =VO= Custom Mod with KrazyIvan=VO= (v1.0), Nirok=VO=(V1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1), and NJP=VO=(V1.1, 2.0, 2.1). The mod has been downloaded over 15,000 times and brought a lot of balance and buffed up the support class with some 30+ new weapons (across all classes). In later versions we added an Army Green Beret and USMC new digital woodland cammies(utilities/BDU's - whatever you wanna call them depending on the branch you were in). From crossbow's to the Olympic custom, you'd find a weapon you'd like.

Both NJP and Nirok had worked on not only DFHeadshot (Delta Force resource site - no longer online) but also founded HeadShotGaming (all FPS resources - no longer online). In working on the HeadShotGaming site both Nirok and NJP got involved directly with UB Soft, as they sponsored several Tournaments the guys had setup.

All in all, =VO= and it's members have been around and are well connected within the GR community, from the software developers, to the modder's, and the league ladders... if you played the original GR you've probably run into or been a victim of ours at some point.

Enjoy your stay and drop us a line. As soon as GRO really kicks off we'll be actively recruiting and looking at setting up some matches.
- The Virtual Ops Team.

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General: Hurry up and wait smile.gif
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-25 11:34:29 EDT

Sorry guys, as luck would have it I have been super busy at work and with personal life so the site has sort of come to a stand still at the moment. I am hoping to get some work done on it this weekend and get back on track to getting it up and running 100%.

It only took a week for the spam bots to hit the forums, but after adjusting the user registration and forcing posts to be reviewed for new users i've been able to ban most of the IP's from the major spammers. So if it takes a day or 2 to have your forum account activated, don't be surprised smile.gif


More to come soon!

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General: Work... always in the way!
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-16 01:04:49 EDT

Well, the work we planned on doing this past weekend has to wait until this coming weekend. I was called up and went out of town from Saturday to Tuesday and worked enough hours to take a week or 2 off. Hopefully i can catch up on some sleep between now and friday so we can go flat out to get the site completed this weekend.

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General: Working overtime
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-10 00:19:01 EDT

At work that is.... wish I had a little more time to get the website done sooner. We're still working on some of the stuff that isn't visible to all of you, but we're working on the site smile.gif We hope to have a good portion done over the weekend so we can get back to playing the game... instead of making a website about it and the team.

Like we said, the forum and download section is up. I was able to pull out the old visitor counter from the old site and put it up here. 885,712 visitors... pretty crazy, and that was between 2001-2006. So, the counter is back up and racking up new visitors!

We're working on the body design, we're still trying to figure out a nice clean look that will also give us the flexibility to do some cool stuff too without it looking like 5 year old did it.


On a side note. I found an issue with the =VO= Custom Mod v2.1 installer, I am hoping to fix it this weekend and i'll update the download here, and make sure the guys at update their site as well. So if you noticed our v2.1 mod isn't working right... well, you're right, it's not... Sooooo i'll get it fixed as soon as I can! The =VO= GR server is up and running with the corrected mod. If you happen to download the old mod, look in your program files folder for "VO" inside that is "vo_custom" inside that is "shell" copy "shell" and paste it into the gr/mods/vo_custom folder. I made that installer a long time ago and never noticed it didn't put the shell folder in the correct spot. Sorry! I was a noob then, but with age comes knowledge toung.gif

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General: =VO= Site making strides!
Posted by NJP=VO= on 2012-08-08 21:41:06 EDT

Well, we're pounding away on getting the site set back up. Funny, the older you get the more time it takes you to do something. But you do it better, smarter, and with a lot less effort.


The news and download system's are all setup and working. I just finished setting up a new TeamSpeak server for us and decided to dust off the old GR disks and setup a dedicated server for our =VO= Custom Mod v2.1 release. You can find it online either through UB or ASE... all COOP, no password.

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